Maximum number of horses is 7.

Mares and geldings are in separate paddocks.

Fencing is wire mesh with top boards.

Paddock/pasture occupancy is 2 horses, 2 horses, 3 horses.

Paddock/pasture size ranges from 1.4 to 1.7 acres.

Pastures are carefully maintained using rotational grazing, frequent mowing and weed control.

All Run-in sheds/shelter face east or south to avoid the predominant north and west winds and weather.

Water is supplied by heated Nelson water machines.

Generators assure water pump  operation and other key functions in power outages.

Thistlehill Farm is a Farm Member of the Maryland Horse Council, as well as a licensed stable registered in and inspected by the State of Maryland. Three farm photographs were used in the 2012 Maryland Stable Directory. The farm is also listed as a Maryland Licensed Stable on the Maryland Horse Industry Board’s official list.

The current (as of June 2022) boarding rate is $320 per month. This boarding rate covers all services normally associated with Full Field Board.

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